Simple, powerful workflows for intelligent business

Join the revolution and upgrade your processes and forms to digitised versions. Procedures will become more streamlined and transparent than ever before.

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Design dynamic forms

No more paper and pens – complete your forms, checklist reports and documentation on your mobile or tablet and instantly submit the collected data into the Matrixx system as soon as you’re finished, regardless of your location.

Digital workflows and automation

Let the workflow do just that – flow. As soon as your data is submitted, it can be retrieved, reviewed and used by anyone waiting on the information. As the data flows into your cloud-based systems, we can tailor a chain of events to ensure there are no delays and the job can smoothly proceed.

Report in confidence

With current data instantly flowing in, your improved business intelligence levels can now be reflected in your reports. Be confident you’re building with the most up to date data.

Automate compliance

You set the rules and requirements of data submission, storage and expiration. Create alerts to ensure data is always complete, never forgotten or needs refreshing.

Work from any location – online or offline

Digital forms can be completed on your mobile device in any location be it remote or onsite, and it doesn’t matter if you have no phone or internet coverage. As soon as your device picks up a network or wifi coverage signal, the digital forms sync to your system.

Configured for all major mobile devices

Every business has a preferred operating system, be it iOS, Android or Windows or a mix of them all. Our digital solutions are built to be flexible and work across all major mobile devices.


Easy data capture
Save time and money
Increase data quality
Complete a form regardless of internet connect
Captures signatures
Batch submit completed forms
Image attachment to form data
Automated and centralised form version control
Supports multiple custom form types and multiple ongoing form instances
Secure data transmission
No lost forms
Minimal staff training
Eradicates double handling of data
Fits seamless into existing workflows
Instant access to the Matrixx Online Portal
Integrates with company legacy systems
Access control
Matrixx dashboard and reporting tools
24/7 access

Find out how Matrixx digital forms and remote data capture has transformed the way these businesses operate:

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