What happens if I don’t have an Internet connection

Mobiel Matrixx can be used off-line. Forms completed when there is no Internet connection are synchronised with Matrixx Web Portal once an Internet connection is established and the form is sent.

Can GPS co-ordinates be captured?

When the form is created and saved the GPS co-ordinates of the device are submitted back to the Matrixx web portal.

What devices can be used?

All major operating systems and devices are supported: iOS, Android and Windows.

Can I mix and match devices eg some staff use Android while others iPads?

Yes you can. Forms created on different devices are submitted back to the Matrixx Web Portal for viewing and export.

Can I attach photographs to the forms?

Yes. Images taken are resized to minimise data usage and transmission times

Can I capture a signature?

Yes, signatures can be captured on the form. This can be made a required field that means the form cannot be submitted without the Signature.

Can the form have customised drop downs eg a site name determines the relevant drop down menus?

Yes. As a form is completed Matrixx business rules show only the relevant dropdown menus based on previously completed fields.

How long does it take to design a form and have it ready for use on the tablet?

This does depend on the complexity and size of the form. In general we will endeavour to have your form ready for use within 5 working days.

How long do completed forms stay on the tablet?

The number of days completed forms stay visible on the tablet is customisable and is part of the set-up of the form. All forms submitted to the Matrixx web portal are visible indefinitely.

Does every member of staff see the same forms?

No. This is configurable. You tell us which forms each team member needs to see. Their user login will then determine what forms are available for them.

Is there an Audit Trail of when/who completed the form and when?

The date, time and which device was used for each submitted form is captured in the Matrixx Web Portal.

Is the data transmission secure?

All data is sent through a SSL connection with 2048 bit encryption.

Can I make it compulsory to fill in a particular field on the form?

Each form can have its own business rules. If a particular field has to be completed this can be built into the requirements and the form will not be able to be saved until it is done.

How can I make sure the most up to date form is available on each mobile device?

When a tablet is turned on and connected to the Internet any new forms will be available for downloading.

Do I have to complete a form in one session?

No, forms can be saved for completion over a number of hours, days or weeks. It is only when the form is marked ‘completed’ that is can be sent through to the Matrixx Web Portal.


What is the Matrixx Web Portal?

Matrixx software collates all the collected form data, can apply business rules to the data and provides a comprehensive summary for analysis, reporting and export. It provides instant access to collected data and completed forms. These are all displayed in the Matrixx Web Portal.

The Web Portal holds all the completed forms, PDF’s, GPS co-ordinates and attached images. Clients can use the Matrixx Portal as their document storage (and are able to search for forms based on programmed search criteria) and/or can export the PDF’s and data (as csv or xml) into existing legacy systems.

The Web Portal also displays the Dashboard with its summary of the forms submitted by type, date and user.

How is Mobile Matrixx different to other form building software?

Colleagues undertake the form design for you. Your existing form is adapted for use by Mobile Matrixx and whichever device you wish to use. Forms can have business rules built into the functionality. An example would be: if an inspection fails on one of the fields then this can generate an email, with the form attached, to the staff member who needs to have this information.

Can the captured data be exported into other Legacy, ERP or CRM systems?

Yes. Captured data can be exported as a csv or xml file into other systems as long as access can be confirmed.

What reports can be generated from Matrixx?

Matrixx software collates all the captured data, can apply business rules and provide
comprehensive summary for analysis, reporting and export. The unique customised dashboard will show the number of forms completed, daily, weekly and in total.

Full BI reports with dynamic dashboards with drill down and drill through electronic graphing can be generated using the collected data – this is an optional extra and is not included in the monthly fee.

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