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Matrixx Portal is a cloud-based web application that allows companies to manage their Matrixx Mobile forms, including DDR/PLODs, Pre-Start, Safety and Maintenance forms.

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All Drilling Data in One Portal.

Matrixx Portal is an extension of the Matrixx Mobile app. Collecting and collating all digital form entries across all of your drill site data. Manage drilling operations across multiple drills sites with ease.

Optional modules include, invoicing maintenance and payroll, which provides the ability to manage schedule of rates, cost reporting, contracts and automation to clients.

Drilling Industry Software Leaders.

Matrixx Portal is designed for use with Matrixx Mobile, digitising any form normally used in paper format.


Use one location to track and monitor all your form data. Whether you have 1 rig or 20 in action – Matrixx Portal consolidates all data in an easy to use dashboard.


By integrating all form data into one system, you benefit from efficient and improved day to day business management.


We provide maximum security protections for your data, and your clients data. Making your company the optimal choice for large mining companies, showing you take their data and compliance seriously.

Manage, maintain and invoice all your forms from one place.

Matrixx Portal provides flexibility with standard reports, such as tracking performance, operating time, rig utilisation, covid and personnel tracking.

We can also build custom PowerBI dashboards, linking data for corporate reporting analysis.

Best in Class Drilling Data Capture

Matrixx Portal was designed in consultation with Drilling Contractors and their teams to ensure every aspect is simple to use and quick to implement.

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