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Matrixx Xchange is the world’s first collaboration platform that instantly consolidates and standardises all drilling reporting data, regardless of source.

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Designed with Geologists for Geologists

Matrixx Xchange enables drilling contractors the freedom to use their own DDRs whilst providing a standard DDR format for mining company geologists. Matrixx Xchange prevents double handling of data, provides a data chain of custody from various sources as well as negating the use of csv import compilations.

Designed in consultation with geologists and drillers, specifically for the exploration and mining industry.

Matrixx Xchange delivers substantial operational and economic benefits by streamlining workflows and increasing transparency across every aspect of the project for both drilling and resource companies.

Stop Wasting Time. Abolish CSV’s.

Matrixx Xchange is the only software globally that provides a secure, cloud based, chain of custody for all DDRs through a simple interface, giving users real-time access to standardised drilling data.


To approve or reject any DDR/PLOD in any format.


One system to standardise all DDR/PLOD Data.

Managing drilling data should be simple. But lack of standardisation, and the rise of the digital DDR, resources companies spend hours managing multiple inputs manually.


Multiple rigs, multiple drill companies, and multiple systems = multiple problems.

Not anymore! Matrixx Xchange allows you to use multiple drilling contractors, with their own DDR capture systems, and still receive all data in your preferred format.


Matrixx Xchange is trusted by the largest mining companies in Australia


Easy to use interface makes implementation at all levels simple and efficient.


With a secure chain of custody across all DDR/PLOD data.

Matrixx Xchange is the only platform that provides a transparent chain of custody compliant with global standards.

Simplify Decision Making with Automation

Empower your team to make decisions based on accurate, compliant, and standardised drilling data, accessible whenever and however they need it.

We achieve this by:

  • Standardising all data before it reaches your internal systems
  • Designing in accordance with international compliance standards
  • Giving your team direct access to data in a never before experienced way

Convert Siloed Data into Powerful Insights

For mining companies accessing drilling data on-demand from multiple contractors has never been possible.

Matrixx Xchange converts all third-party data into YOUR chosen format increasing transparency across all projects in real time.


Consolidating data from any third-party system directly into your internal software, without any manual or CSV entry. Game changer.

Be More Productive, With Less Effort

Matrixx Xchange helps geologists, database admins and mining operations teams to reduce their workload by reducing manual tasks.

We achieve this by:

  • Empowering your staff with access to real-time data
  • Using technology to automate every step of the process

Why do Mining Companies Around the World Trust Matrixx Xchange?

Save time and money with the ultimate integrated solution

Matrixx Xchange has been developed to provide resource companies with a unique solution by:

Allowing the flexibility to approve or reject ANY PLOD/DDR supplied in ANY format from ANY DDR software provider with a single login.

Standardising various input formats for rigs or equipment – such as PLOD/DDRs, providing them to geologists for review in a consistent format, regardless of origin, and;

Provides a unique solution that can then integrate into any internal systems, with dashboards and PowerBI.

Resources Industry Specialists.

100+ years of combined experience in mining and digital product development.

Through consistent innovation, Colleagues Matrixx ensures customers receive higher-quality, and more effective digital solutions that are fit for purpose for drillers, geologists, and data analysts.

In a global first, our newly released Matrixx Xchange software delivers a unique cloud platform providing data chain of custody and compliance through integrating in-numerous discrete, disparate data sources and client applications.

Matrixx Xchange is a unique solution that has drawn on more than 100 years of combined experience in mining and digital product development and provides an end-to-end solution for the exploration and mining industry.

We have been there, listen, and innovated to provide better solutions for our clients.

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