Inside Intel: Matrixx Xchange Mining Software Platform in Detail

Matrixx Xchange is a cloud-based web application that has been developed to address inefficiencies within the exploration and mining sectors, particularly around streamlining the multiple systems used at a drilling site when capturing a Daily Drilling Report (DDR), or Progressive Log of Drilling (PLOD).

Matrixx Xchange mining software platform is the worlds first system that can collect DDR or PLOD data from multiple drilling contractors, regardless of source.

A DDR is a log that captures daily drilling activities (including location, drill activities, consumables, personnel, survey data, hours drilling, drill bits etc.). These metrics are used to create a series of operation critical reports that inform key stakeholders within a resources company.

The problem that exists for resources companies, is that there are multiple ways to track a DDR and there is no single chain of custody or platform that connects all the different DDR collation systems, or the reporting systems they need to connect into.

Typically, this process is done manually, and costs geologists 2-3 hours per day in lost time.


The Matrixx Xchange mining software platform, has been designed by geologists for geologists, with the addition of drillers expertise. This is very uncommon for software developers in this space.

Matrixx Xchange provides a simplified method to automatically collate and format data from all DDR data collection methods, without the use of CSV files.

The collaborative platform presents a unique approach to providing data in a standardised format for resource companies, with a chain of custody to securely access, approve and analyse information, whilst negating double handling for drilling companies at the rig or site.


This world-first mining software platform connects all DDRs seamlessly. Drillers upload their DDR on site and once approved by drill supervisors’ data seamlessly integrates into Matrixx Xchange. Geologists review for approval, which then streamlines all field data into a format that can be easily received into the client’s external database and systems.

The Matrixx Xchange platform recently achieved MVP trial success with BHP one of Australia’s largest mining companies as of April 2022.

The Matrixx Xchange platform offers an innovative and collaborative approach to address integration inefficiencies that currently exist in the mining and exploration sector specifically relating to drilling data. 

It has a robust development roadmap that will evolve it beyond DDRs and its current reporting analytics dashboards.


Historically, drilling companies completed daily reporting using paper-based systems. Reports are collated manually, using individual spreadsheets, emails, and shared data drives.

This presents multiple issues including errors from misreading hand-written reports, delays in processing data and inconsistencies in data from different sites. Therefore, the Matrixx Mobile and Matrixx Portal were developed.

Matrixx Mobile offers a digital app-based system to capture the DDR data, and upload into the drilling client’s cloud based Matrixx Web Portal. This enables drilling clients to display and view data as soon as it has been submitted. Customisable dashboards ensure information is relevant, enhancing timely decision making.

As digital DDR reporting systems emerge, drilling companies are still duplicating client reports.

When DDR systems used by drillers differ to those specified by the resource company, drill crews re-enter daily reports twice to meet contractual and internal requirements. Even more time is lost for the resources company.

As an example, if resources company Blue Steel Mining has 6 projects concurrently, they may be using 4 different drilling companies.

Each drilling company will be using its own, siloed operations system to track and report DDRs. None of these reports are standardised, so all capture similar data, but not in any consistent format.

Operations Managers at Blue Steel Mining are then required to login to multiple platforms to request CSV files from each drilling company, that need to be manipulated, manually uploaded into their systems, and then collated for reporting.

All this manual intervention takes hours, and breaks the chain of custody, leaving Blue Steel Mining open to error, file manipulation and ultimately uncompliant based on the JORC and NR43-101 compliance guidelines.

Matrixx Xchange mining software platform was developed to eradicate this problem, by completely removing the need for CSV files, ensuring a chain of custody along with full transparency into all their drilling operations.

At any given time, across any commodity, no matter what drilling company they engage, regardless of the DDR systems being used – the resources company has complete control over their data.


Because of this Matrixx Xchange delivers substantial operational and economic benefits to the resource company by streamlining workflows and increasing transparency across the entire project.

The standout USP for Matrixx Xchange is where drilling companies are using a non-Matrixx software / third-party DDR software, they can still submit their data through their system, and Matrixx Xchange platform extracts this data seamlessly, thus removing the double data entry and handling errors of entering multiple data formats at the rig, and at the resources company.

The data is presented in a standardised format via Matrixx Xchange for resource companies to view and approve or reject.

Currently there are no software solutions in the market (both locally or internationally) that address this resource sector need. Other similar systems only work within their pool of siloed software applications or via manipulated csv formats, but do not give access to any third-party system.

The Colleagues Matrixx system gives resources and drilling companies the unique ability to use whichever DDR system they like, without time and cost loss when trying to align multiple software platforms.

Mining Software Matrixx Xchange One System to standardise all PLODs with image of mine site and clouds

”After several years in development we are very excited to unveil this new mining industry software that will revolutionise the way mining companies track and report on drilling operations“

Kay Hargreaves, Founder & CEO


Colleagues Matrixx is a West Perth based, 100% female founded technology development organisation established in 2005.

We are known as an ambitious and innovative global digital data and mining software company, with a world-class track record in developing software solutions suitable for a broad range of industries and clients.

Colleagues Matrixx solutions reduce business risk, reduce internal software development costs, and dramatically improve the data management requirements of our clients.

Colleagues Matrixx’s contribution to mitigating risk is significant, enabling our clients to guarantee the functionality, performance, and scalability of critical business requirements and supporting technology infrastructure.

The Colleagues Matrixx team achieves “mining software partner” status with each of their clients, as the associated benefits truly allow Colleagues Matrixx to demonstrate the scope and significance of their value-add.

We work with clients to achieve substantial improvements in staff productivity, data integrity, and currency; streamlined workflows, and targeted operational improvements.

Ultimately delivering significant cost reductions and business efficiencies – directly improving clients’ bottom lines.

Colleagues Matrixx brings a consultative approach to every project. Starting by establishing a common understanding of the client’s individual challenges and business goals.

We bring a foundation of industry best-practice data and process management methodologies, from which clients can achieve their desired operational outcomes.

Founded on a core philosophy of close collaboration, Colleagues Matrixx delivers customer outcomes safely and efficiently, adding value to client operations as they navigate their digital journey.

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